Wednesday, March 1, 2017

2017 Conference Registration is now open!

Can't hardly wait? Neither can we...the APRA Metro DC 2017 Conference webpages and registration are LIVE! Check out our amazing speakers and sponsors!  More info here.

#ResearchPride month is here!

Dear Apra peeps and all of my fellow fundraisers,

March is when the entirety of the Prospect Development profession joins together in celebrating our fabulousness. To me, #ResearchPride month is a reminder to our community to find our #PowerTone (or #PowerPose!) by speaking up and often, to demonstrate a sense of community among fellow professionals, and to highlight the added value we bring to partnerships with our key stakeholders. To me, the most important part of that triad is the latter bit about partnerships.

That might be controversial given it’s #ResearchPride month, but I’ve had the opportunity to work with numerous gift officers of varying background, experience, and seniority that have helped me find my own #ResearchPride. My working relationships with these individuals are make or break for my success in a shop. My #ResearchPride is not just in my personal contribution, or that of my team’s, but in the holistic partnership I have with my gift officers. So I wanted to share some of my personal moments of #ResearchPride that specifically highlight when gift officers have made me proud to be a researcher.

To the various road warriors I’ve worked with:
  • Thank you for sharing your successes with me by stopping in just to update me on the positive impact my research had on your visit or ask. This is the Holy Grail for a researcher and literally all I need at times to keep going. 
  • Thank you for thinking of research early and often by bringing us in on conversations from the get-go. We are here to help, and it warms my heart when you embrace that.