Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Ask a Manager: Expanding Your Shop

Question: At the moment, I’m the sole researcher for my organization. I am formulating a plan for what an expanded (and currently hypothetical) Office of Prospect Research would look like, were I to branch out and add a few additional people in the coming years. It’s a long-term goal, and I thought I’d ask for suggestions.

Answer: First I must admit that I’ve never expanded from a one-person shop; however, I have had the opportunity to increase the size of the research team as well as the biographical data team but any staffing and restructuring needs should be based on the growth and plan for the organization. Since the details on the organization were left out of the request, my response is based on a few assumptions.

Prior to making any changes, an analysis of the office and the needs would be very beneficial, if you haven’t already done so. How many development officers is the office expected to support? Will that number increase as well? What are the expectations and needs from the prospect research team? Profiles, quick capacity identification, analytics or a combination of all of these? Is your organization currently in a campaign? Are you planning to start a campaign?

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Social Media Chair Needed

APRA Metro DC is seeking a social media chair to start this April, who would help promote the chapter's activities and industry news and trends via Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook!  Working closely with the Communications Chair, the Social Media Chair helps craft communications and marketing strategy.  Don't have a twitter account or experience planning tailored content for various communications channels?  No worries!  We have a wealth of knowledge on the board and can train you.  Interested?  Email president@aprametrodc.net.

Monday, February 6, 2017

Prospect Development as Strategic Partners

Don't miss this lively roundtable discussion, moderated by our panel of prospect development professionals! Please come prepared with your burning questions on all things prospect development. Lunch will be provided. APRA DC members only. Click here for details and to register.